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Technology Or Personal Touch?

With the pressures of time and the need to maximize productive time we have all come to rely on tech., Cell phones, email, voicemail, apps for this, programs for that. The focus in the article is not to tell you about the latest gadget or app to help you maximize your productive time, rather to get you to think about the effective use of touch.

I don’t believe there is a formula for knowing precisely when you have crossed the line in terms of too much tech. and not enough touch. But I can tell you that the proper use of touch can be a powerful tool in business relationship building, communication and business development.

Good uses of tech.

Quick inter office email (general topics / non-critical topics) 
Scheduling meeting – via Doodle / outlook / email 
iPhone – calendar, tasks, contacts, web – everything in the palm of your hand 
iPad – calendar, tasks, contacts, camera, web, mobile everything 
Texting – To let someone know you are running late for an appointment 
Business Networking Sites – Good, but don’t let this replace, mixers, business social groups etc…

I’m sure you can think of many others, the point here though is to use tech. when touch is not necessary. Touch can add nuance or highlight a situation that tech. cannot.

Good uses of touch.

A Handwritten thank you card / note to a new business associate or potential client conveys sincerity and the importance you place on this new relationship. There’s nothing wrong with an email or voicemail, but if you want that extra punch, sit down and hand write a thank you.

A Phone call or personal visit instead of an email when dealing with a delicate situation conveys the importance you place on resolving the matter. Written responses are sometimes necessary when dealing with a situation that requires documentation or when touch is not a viable option for a variety of reasons.

However, there are many situations that arise in a business setting that if given the proper touch can turn a potential negative into a positive situation or at the very least defuse the situation to something much more manageable. Remember, your true intentions can be much more precisely conveyed in person, than on the phone or an email. Written communication can many times be misconstrued because you cannot convey inflection of voice, or facial features, nor can you read these in the person you are communicating with.

Haven’t you heard all of your life that much more is communicated by facial features and body language than words? It’s true; next time you are in a meeting and someone is presenting an idea or making a presentation, take your eyes off the presenter and casually watch the people around the room that are being communicated to. You will be surprised at what you see and what is being communicated by the people receiving the message.

When in doubt reach out and “Touch” someone.

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